Fika is a start-up founded by Florian Etienne and Rudy Gardiole at the end of the 2021 COVID crisis, with the aim of changing the way snacks are consumed in companies.

Fika is a modern supplier (logistics intermediary) of organic, local or fair-trade snacks, drinks and coffee for its customers (large and small companies).

Fika offers its customers several services: delivery of packaged snacks, bulk snacks, coffee, tea, beverages and vending machines. All services respect our philosophy of healthy, natural, local and fair-trade products.

To become a customer, simply fill in the form on each product page, log in the portal yourselves or contact us directly at hello@myfika.be.

Once you become a customer, we'll create an account for you, giving you access to our customer portal which gives you access to our products and services in one place for easy, centralized  and billing management.

Flexibility, speed, simplicity. With Fika, you don't commit to anything, everything is available at affordable prices, and we deliver in just a few days.

You need a VAT number to use Fika's services. We do not offer our services to private individuals. Maybe in the future, but not right now. 

Do you need something but can't find it on the site? Please contact us directly to see how we can help you.

Simply store them until your next delivery. When the delivery driver comes by, just give them to him. In this way, you're helping to reduce our ecological footprint.  

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