How to order Fika for your company?

The way we work is simple: we start with a short meeting during which we discuss and, above all, try to understand your needs. It's also an opportunity for us to present our three offers and direct you towards the one that best suits your business.

Everything you need to promote well-being at work!

Step 1 : Tell us what you need

Would you like to indulge in our various bulk or on-the-go products for the office or simply for an event? Or maybe you haven't found any healthy, high-quality drinks and you've been thinking about us?

Don't worry, we'll show you how it's done, simply and efficiently!

First thing first, we create a customer account for you on our platform. Only then will you have access to our products. Once that's done...

Snacks and drinks at work
Portal for client to order snacks and drinks

Step 2: Create your Fika account

Now that you've got your account and are finally on our online platform, treat yourself! 

Simply select the snacks or drinks you'd like to enjoy with your colleagues. Ha but you want a subscription?

Then get in touch with us and we'll take care of registering it for you in our system. And don't worry, the Fika team will take care of the rest. You'll receive your order every month, depending on the frequency you choose. 

Step 3 : Order your snacks, drinks, coffee or gift boxes

We deliver you in less than 3 open days so that you do no wait to long to enjoy your snacks, drinks or everything you can order. We pay much attention to the last miles delivery. That is why, we decided to keep the delivery in-house. You will not regret it when you'll see Monty or Mamadou'smiles.  

One last thing, you've probably seen that most of our products arrive in buckets? You thought: "I'll just throw the buckets away, they take up so much space". Well no, at Fika we've thought of this little detail on purpose to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment. Basically, we're going to collect it, clean it and reuse it. 

Individual snacks for your office in a display
Delivery of healthy snacks and drinks at work

Step 4 : Receive your order by fast delivery

We deliver your snacks and drinks throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and France. 

Deliveries are made at the same time every month, i.e. on the first 5 working days (Monday to Friday). Please note that weekends do not count as working days.

When you place an order, we take charge of it directly so that we can deliver as quickly as possible.

Together, let's cultivate your employees' well-being at work

To become a customer, simply fill in the form on each product page, log in the portal yourselves or contact us directly.

Once you become a customer, we'll create an account for you, giving you access to our customer portal which gives you access to our drinks and snacks in one place for ease of management and centralised billing. We calle that a one-stop shop.

You need a VAT number to use Fika's services. We do not offer our services to private individuals. Maybe in the future, but not just yet.

Do you have a specific request for healthy snacks and/or drinks? Can't find the information you need on our Fika website? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to see how we can help you.

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