A history of quality snacks

Fika Team that deliver your healthy snacks and drinks

What's Fika ?

Fika is 100% Belgian and above all 100% well-being. But how? With snacks and drinks that will make you feel good without feeling guilty at work.

Our team selects healthy snacks and drinks based on several criteria such as sustainability, fairness, quality and healthyness ! 

We want your breaks to be not only tasty but also healthy, so you can feel your best all day long! At Fika, we're serious about quality and sustainability. We're not perfect, but we have plenty of plans to keep improving. We even have a sustainability roadmap.

Our products are 100% organic or natural, and we don't compromise on flavor or texture. The idea is to find a balance. So if you're looking for a company that helps you and your staff feel good while offering delicious snacks, join the Fika family!

Our story

May 2021

Founding of Fika

Our company is a Belgian start-up that began its adventure in Brussels, but quickly grew to become a real conqueror!

November 2021

Launch in Luxembourg

After only 6 months, we decided to take on a new challenge by expanding our activities to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Not without difficulty, we rose to the challenge, and today we're proud to say that Luxembourg is a bit like our second home.

September 2022

Conquering the Hauts-de-France region

At the end of 2022, we also added Northern France to our list of conquests! Lille in particular.

March 2023

The team expands

We've been lucky enough to find new members to complete the team. There are now 4 of us.

We look forward to discovering what the future holds, and to sharing our experience and know-how with our customers and partners in these new markets. Whether you're in Luxembourg or France, our commitment to product quality and customer service remains unchanged. We're here to help you find the right solutions for your needs, and we're ready to take on new challenges with you!

What's next? Stay tuned! There's lots of new stuff in the pipeline, but we can't say too much about it... Besides, it's best to keep the suspense alive if there is any.

Let's work together to improve your employees' well-being at work!

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