Individual office snacks 

Healthy, high-quality sweet and savoury snacks

Your team deserves the best. At Fika, we take pleasure in selecting healthy and tasty snacks, both sweet and savoury. We deliver them at regular intervals to your company, whatever its size or location (in Belgium, Luxembourg or Northern France).

But what do we offer you? Fika delivers to you, on a recurring basis, a wooden display case filled with snacks selected on the basis of the following criteria: no additives, no preservatives, no added sugar and above all TASTY! Every month, you'll be able to taste new products while saving yourself endless searching.

It saves you time and hassle, and makes your whole team happy. 

At Fika, we take care of everything. All you have to do is open the door to your business and we'll deliver those precious healthy snacks.

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Individual, healthy office snacks
Healthy snacks at work in a display

100% natural or organic

Gluten-free, lactose-free, etc. options 

No additives or preservatives

Careful selection of our snacks

Order your own individual office snacks

Flexible Fika subscription​

A variety of individual snacks

 Delivery anywhere in Belgium

The benefits of packaged snacks

  1. A turnkey service: once you've made the arrangements for the subscription, we take care of everything: from selecting the packaged snacks to delivery. So you can concentrate on your core business.
  2. We make it easy: Improving your employees' diet has never been easier. Our range of packaged snacks is effortless, as we take care of the selection and delivery to your office.
  3. A selection made for you, varied and balanced: We make the selection for you, guaranteeing a variety of healthy, quality and delicious packaged snacks to suit all tastes. Not forgetting to surprise you.
  4. Save time: Avoid time-consuming searches and selections. We'll make a selection of packaged snacks for you.
  5. A practical, attractive display: Because we want to make work breaks enjoyable, our packaged snacks are presented in an elegant, practical display, perfect for any workspace.
  6. Employee satisfaction and motivation: Improve your employees' satisfaction and motivation by offering them high-quality packaged snacks and exclusives.
The benefits of packaged snacks

Together, let's cultivate well-being

of your employees!

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