Bulk snacks for the office

Healthy bulk snacks to refill without moderation

Does your company prefer bulk for ecological or other reasons? Good news. Fika also offers bulk snacks through a flexible and easy system. 

Our entire bulk range is 100% organic and fairtrade or local.

How does it work? We open you a customer account with us and you order your refills whenever you want.

We also provide you with a wooden display stand with 3 large jars to display your bulk products, as well as all the necessary equipment (tongs, peelers, etc.).

Cookies, nuts, dried fruit, you name it!

Contact us for more information. 

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Healthy bulk snacks for the office
Bulk snacks at work

Natural or organic snacks

For all diets (gluten-free, lactose-free...) 

No additives or preservatives

Careful selection of our bulk snacks

How do bulk snacks work for your business?

C​reate an account

We deliver your snacks

We install your snack display!

Together, we can improve your employees' well-being at work

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