Healthy snacks that boost productivity at work

It's no secret that food has a major impact on our energy and concentration. That's why, with our hectic pace of work, it's important to be able to find solutions that meet our body's needs when we're in the professional world. It's important to give ourselves a little snack break, like when we were children, to optimise our energy levels and boost our concentration. In this article, we're going to highlight all the essential elements for finding THE snacks that will meet expectations such as improving or maintaining energy levels throughout the day at the office and enabling our bodies to maintain constant concentration.. 

Criteria for a healthy snack that boosts productivity

To maintain or improve productivity at work, you need a source of energy that avoids fluctuations in blood sugar levels and therefore drops in energy. To do this, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria to find the right snacks that are sources of energy and help boost productivity at work. Here are a few points to bear in mind :

  1. Nutritional balance: you need to choose snacks that are 'complete', i.e. made up of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. All this helps to release energy over the long term, which prevents blood sugar spikes.
  2. The right amount of protein: protein is essential for maintaining satiety and stabilising blood sugar levels. It's what keeps you energised throughout the day.
  3. Carbohydrates, yes, but which ones? Complex carbohydrates should be favoured, i.e. carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index. Complex carbohydrates help the body to avoid blood sugar spikes and drops, which helps to stabilise energy levels..
  4. The famous fibres: friends of our digestion and help us feel full. Once again, fibre helps maintain our energy levels throughout the working day..
  5. Always keep well hydrated: for optimum concentration, it's important to keep well hydrated, whether with water or herbal teas.. 
  6. Don't eat too much of a good thing, the secret of good portions: being able to have a certain fixed quantity gives you better control over what you eat. And eating too much can lead to a drop in concentration, whether after lunch or a snack.

By taking the various criteria into consideration, you optimise your chances of improving and maintaining your energy levels throughout the day, as well as concentration and productivity. At Fika, we strive to provide you with quality snacks that meet specific criteria.

What are the ideal workplace snacks?

Dried fruit and nuts

Dried fruit and nuts are full of minerals that are essential for our bodies to function properly. They contain magnesium, vitamins E and B, iron, calcium, minerals and trace elements. They give you a real boost throughout the day, in terms of both concentration and energy..

And then there are walnuts, an undeniable source of fibre, which, it should be remembered, contributes to healthy digestion. You need to limit yourself to a handful a day to retain the benefits of nuts without the disadvantages of fat (which makes you put on weight when consumed in large quantities).. 

What's more, numerous studies have shown that walnuts significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and cholesterol. Also in relation to cardiovascular disease, walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, i.e. omega 3, the good fats for the heart.

Cereal & granola bars

Not all cereal bars are ideal, you still need to choose your energy source carefully! Well, all you have to do is refer to the list of ingredients and pay attention to the criteria listed above.

Basically, you should opt for a cereal bar. But what are cereals? Well, quite simply maize, oats, wheat and everything else in that family!

The ideal bar is potentially a granola bar. This is a bar made from rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts and often seeds. Oats are an ideal option, as they have a low glycaemic index, which means that glucose is released into the bloodstream over the long term. This means stable blood sugar levels and no spikes.

Dried fruit

They're a source of natural sugars, and natural sugars are a source of quick energy for an immediate boost. The dried fruits to choose are: apricots, grapes, figs, prunes, bananas, pineapples and many others that will boost your energy!

They have the same benefits as dried fruit, but are dehydrated.

When should I eat snacks?

It all depends on your schedule and your individual needs, and yes, we're not all the same in terms of intake. But here are a few suggestions :

  1. In the morning, between 10am and 11am. In general, this is while you're waiting for lunch, so it's best to opt for snacks that aren't too heavy, but which still meet a need (energy, concentration or productivity). The time should be adapted to the time you plan to eat lunch, so as not to weigh down your stomach.
  2. In the afternoon, usually around 4pm. It's generally around this time that concentration levels drop. So to give yourself a boost, you need an energy-boosting snack to maintain a decent level of productivity.
  3. Listen to your body. It's simple to say, but just as simple to do. In fact, when you feel hungry, it's advisable to head for a snack that will give you time to get to your next meal, otherwise you'll be distracted by the feeling of hunger.
  4. Do you practise a physical activity? There's no secret to achieving your performance goals: you need to provide your body with 'fuel'. The best way to do this is to opt for light snacks that won't weigh you down during exercise. 

Our solutions

At Fika we have a number of offers to suit the needs and wants of your business. If you want snacks that are packaged and have precise portions, we have display units. If you're more interested in bulk snacks, we have assortments to meet all your needs, from dried and dried fruit to sweet and savoury snacks.

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