How can you promote well-being at work?

Well-being at work has a major impact on how employees perceive their work and their colleagues, as well as on their performance and productivity. Beyond the physical environment, company culture and leadership are also important elements in creating a healthy working environment.

The benefits of fostering a positive workplace

There are many benefits to cultivating a pleasant environment where employees feel valued and respected.

Did you know that, according to a Deloitte study, a strong corporate culture is crucial to a company's success, according to 94% of managers and 88% of employees?

A productive workplace also means :

  • Up to 33% increase in employee happiness.
  • Prevents or limits prolonged absences due to illness.
  • Increases profitability, innovation and productivity.
  • Reduces employee turnover, sometimes by 58%.
  • Increases company revenues by a staggering 33%.

Here are some tips for promoting well-being at work:

Examine your current workplace 

Your workplace environment has a significant impact on employee relationships and morale, as we discussed in a previous article.

Collaborative spaces, for example, can reduce employee stress and encourage physical activity. Employees can choose their workplace according to their preference and the requirements of the project through a combination of open plan, breakout areas and private rooms.

Different environments suit different people better. That's why the majority of professionals advise offering a variety of options and giving employees the freedom to work where they think they can produce the best results.

Preserving employees' mental health

14.7% of workers experience mental health problems at work, according to the Mental Health Foundation. What's more, women who work full-time are twice as likely to experience mental health problems.

In addition, you should strive to foster an environment in which workers feel free to express their emotions both to their line managers and to their colleagues. Talking about mental health can make a big difference to the way people feel supported and satisfied at work. Don't hide mental health issues.

Organise corporate events 

Research by the Center for Talent Innovation shows that a collective spirit and sense of belonging can significantly boost a company's success by increasing productivity, motivation and engagement by up to 350%.

Corporate events are a great opportunity for employees to come together and build strong relationships outside of the boardroom.

At Fika, we offer healthy snacks and drinks for your employees to enjoy throughout the day or for special events (welcome drinks, farewell drinks, birthdays...).

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