How do you eat well when teleworking?

With the recent health events of recent years, the rise of teleworking has unfortunately clearly encouraged weight gain due to people's general lack of physical activity. While it's naturally easier to have food nearby when you're teleworking, it's essential to follow a few rules if you want to stay fit and even productive at work. Discover all our tips and tricks for eating well even when teleworking.

Plan your meals 

If you're used to eating in your office canteen or buying food from outside, it can be difficult to adapt to cooking at home and be tempted by deliveries or ready meals. That's why it's essential to plan your meals in advance to make sure you have enough ingredients to prepare healthy, balanced dishes. You could also consider preparing your meals in advance to save yourself time and reduce the stress of cooking between meetings.

Choose healthy foods

Just as planning is important, make sure you choose your food well in advance, and therefore while you're shopping, especially if you don't do any sporting activities. Favour vegetables and fruit , which are rich in vitamins and fibre, while lean proteins such as chicken and fish provide you with essential nutrients while helping you feel full. Whole grains, such as brown rice and whole wheat bread, are also an excellent source of fibre and interesting complex carbohydrates.

Avoid snacking

Teleworking can logically make you want to snack throughout the day. However, it's important to avoid unhealthy foods high in saturated fat and sugar. These can not only give you a quick energy boost, but can also leave you feeling hungry soon afterwards. So favour healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit or vegetables or organic biscuits.

Stay hydrated

It's easy to forget to drink water during your working day. However, staying hydrated helps to cut hunger in particular and provides a satiating effect. If you have cravings for sugary drinks, favour healthy beverages.

Vary your diet

Eating the same thing every day can quickly become boring and frustrating. Try to vary your diet by incorporating different, seasonal foods and add new flavours (spices...) to your meals. This can help you stay motivated to eat healthily while avoiding food fatigue.

Avoid strict diets

Strict diets can be hard to follow, especially when you're working from home. Instead, focus on eating healthy, balanced foods while treating yourself to occasional indulgences. This can help you maintain a healthy diet over the long term without feeling deprived or restricted.

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