What snacks should you avoid at work?

It's often very easy to be tempted by delicious snacks such as croissants brought back in the morning by your colleagues, an open packet of confectionery next to you, or simply seeing your colleagues constantly eating around you. So it's essential to choose your snacks carefully at work, and to avoid some of them so as not to get into bad habits. The aim is not to restrict yourself, but to enjoy healthy and delicious snacks that you appreciate. Here are some snacks to avoid at work.

Industrial and processed snacks​

Although delicious and even addictive, processed snacks such as chocolate bars, crisps, biscuits and cakes are all too often high in sugar, saturated fat and salt. They are also often low in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It should also be noted that these snacks are not there to do our bodies any good, but rather to benefit the wallets of the manufacturers. It's best to go for "real food", food that has been processed as little as possible. For example, a cereal bar or energy balls.

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks such as soft drinks, industrial sweetened fruit juices and energy drinks are generally far too high in sugar and empty calories. They can also cause you to feel thirsty soon afterwards, which can lead you to drink more. Sugary drinks consumed in large quantities can have a catastrophic effect on our metabolism. Excessive consumption can lead to the development of illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. In other words, we increase our risk of death by 21%. So we'd better choose what we eat carefully.

Instead, favour

  • Fruit: Fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, making it a healthy and satiating snack. You can take an apple, banana, orange or any other easy-to-carry fruit with you.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are rich in essential nutrients and fibre, making them a healthy, filling snack. You can take carrot, celery or cucumber sticks with you, accompanied by a yoghurt or hummus-based sauce.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre, making them a satiating and energising snack. You can take almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds with you.
  • Yoghurt: Yoghurt is rich in protein and calcium, making it a healthy and filling snack. You can take a plain yoghurt with you and serve it with fresh fruit or chia seeds.
  • Cereal bars: Cereal bars can be a practical and satiating snack if you choose bars that are rich in fibre and protein. Avoid bars high in sugar and saturated fat.
  • Smoothies: Smoothies can be a healthy and energising snack if you use fresh fruit, vegetables and protein sources such as almond or soya milk. Avoid adding sugar or fruit syrups, which can increase the calorie count.
  • Kefir, kombucha ... :  These drinks help to improve skin health thanks to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins B. They can also help detoxify the liver by increasing liver enzymes. These drinks also help to reduce cholesterol levels thanks to the presence of organic acids such as acetic acid.

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